We are a small regional Lhasa Apso breed specific rescue
organization based in Mississippi and Tennessee.  We serve
the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida,
South Carolina and Kentucky as well.
A Little About What We Do
We are dedicated to saving Lhasa Apso lives, both purebreds
and mixes, and finding appropriate homes for each little life
we take into our program.  Our volunteers have many years
experience with the breed and try very hard to match the right
dog with the right family.
Lhasa Apso Southern Rescue - Home Page
What's New?
Welcome to our new website!  We're glad you've come to
visit. Please be patient as we have just begun construction
and plan to add new pages and more information soon.
NEWS FLASH!!!! Ernie, the Lhasa Apso in the
Knoxville, TN, shelter with medical issues is
safe.  A Lhasa lovin' angel from Florida
donated the funds to bail him out, he's already
had his surgery, and will soon be ready for
adoption.  Please consider making him a part
of your family.